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Web Pilot

We've launched a pilot website to help ACT residents reduce their personal carbon footprints and environmental impacts.

We're calling on the ACT community to get involved in the design of the platform over the next four weeks.

Check it out here: http://www.neighbourhoodeffect.com.au

If you’re a Canberra resident, jump on the website, test it out, commit to a few of the actions and let us know what works for you and what doesn’t.
The free site and the upcoming mobile application will use behavioural science to make it more convenient and rewarding for people to live sustainably.

Canberrans are asked to fill out a quick 2-minute survey, then receive a dashboard of suggested green actions that are tailored to their household and lifestyle. Suggestions cover waste, energy, food, transport and consumer goods, and include recommendations and maps that display available eco-friendly products and services nearby.

“When you trace greenhouse gas emissions back through supply chains, you find households in developed countries like ours are causing a huge chunk of global carbon emissions, through our day-to-day behaviours and our consumer choices” said The Neighbourhood Effect's founder, Lily Dempster. 

“If we act together to make a few small changes in our own lives, we can have a substantial and very rapid impact.”

The website pilot is just a starting point – The Neighbourhood Effect is also building a rigorous carbon footprint calculator into the platform, and a tool that allows users to view green habits that are popular with their friends and neighbours.

The Neighbourhood Effect will use community feedback on the pilot site to develop and launch their responsive green living website and mobile application in late 2018.

Local energy management company Reposit Power is a major sponsor of the pilot. The Neighbourhood Effect is also supported by ClimateXChange and the ACT Government, which awarded the organisation $25,000 in the first round of the Community Zero Emissions grants in 2017.

Canberrans can visit the website and participate in the pilot by going to neighbourhoodeffect.com.au. The period for community feedback on the site will run from Monday 14 May until 11 June 2018.

Note: For Canberrans who already know a lot about sustainable living, the site might suggest a few things you aren't yet doing, but it will be most helpful to people who are curious about environmental sustainability or concerned about climate change, but haven't yet made many changes in their own lives. 

Those in the community who have already made a lot of changes in their lives to live more sustainably still have an important role to play. You can give feedback on the content of the site and to share it widely with your friends and colleagues. Check it out here: http://www.neighbourhoodeffect.com.au

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