Buy a keep-cup

Buy a keep-cup / stop using takeaway coffee cups: Half of the plastic produced globally goes into products that are used only once4, which creates a staggering amount of waste. This is one reason why we don’t use disposable cups at home. Why then, do we have a throwaway culture elsewhere? With 500 billion disposable cups produced every year, inconvenience is no longer an acceptable reason. Reuse or refrain. The breakeven is 15 uses. People are often concerned about the environmental cost of washing compared to a disposable cup. After those 15 coffees you start saving water, trees and energy. In other words, if you use a KeepCup instead of disposable cups, after your 15th coffee, you’re helping save the planet. Because most disposable cups are lined with plastic, they cannot be recycled. We estimate that every minute over one million disposables end up in landfill.1 KeepCups are recyclable. In Australia you can put the separated components in household recycling at the end of life.

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