What is The Neighbourhood Effect?

The Neighbourhood Effect is a new social enterprise based in Canberra. Our mission is to make it easy, fun, social and financially rewarding for Australians to reduce their personal environmental footprints.

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The Neighbourhood Effect Mobile App

Did you know that over 60% of the world's emissions can be traced back to households? That means that households can actually have a gigantic influence on global warming. While governments grapple with the changes needed to our transport and energy systems, the two most tangible, effective things we can do if we're worried about climate change, is to have a go at cutting down our own carbon footprint, and to shift our money into climate-friendly products and services that are helping to decarbonise our economy.

The Neighbourhood Effect is building a game-changing smartphone app for Canberrans to reduce our household emissions and build more environmentally sustainable habits into our lives. Imagine a FitBit for Carbon, that could help us easily shrink our electricity bill or cut down on food waste, with actions that personally tailor to our lifestyle and household, habit-building tools, and a system that lets us track the carbon we're saving with each action we take. Soon, it'll be easy, financially rewarding, fun and social for us to cut down our household emissions and live happier, healthier, more sustainable lives.

The app's features and design will draw on proven techniques from neuro-marketing, behavioural economics, and applied psychology, to help break down the common cognitive and decision-making barriers that so often make it difficult for us to change our habits when we're feeling overloaded and are short on time and energy. 

The Neighbourhood Effect will initially cater to the Canberra community, with the aim of extending its reach to all major Australian cities within the next 4 years. We hope to demonstrate that it is achievable, economically desirable and environmentally impactful for households to reduce their emissions en masse. 

The app will also connect Canberrans to local climate-friendly products, services, and community initiatives. The advice we're providing on the best value solar panels, or the greenest toilet paper brand, is trustworthy and completely independent because we do not take money or commissions from the businesses or groups we recommend.